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7 Days
Yacht Charter Bavaria 33 Cruiser (2Cab)Bavaria 33 Cruiser (2Cab) - 10.45 m, 4+2 pers
2014 - Monohull, Sailingyacht in Sweden, Gothenburg / City Marina
Bavaria 33 Cruiser (2Cab) B
1515 EUR
7 Days
Yacht Charter Oceanis 423 (3Cab)Oceanis 423 (3Cab) - 13.09 m, 6+2 pers
2006 - Monohull, Sailingyacht in Sweden, Gothenburg / City Marina
Oceanis 423 (3Cab) B
1615 EUR
7 Days
Yacht Charter Dufour 445 Grand Large (4Cab)Dufour 445 Grand Large (4Cab) - 13.50 m, 8+2 pers
2011 - Monohull, Sailingyacht in Sweden, Gothenburg / City Marina
Dufour 445 Grand Large (4Cab) B
2660 EUR
7 Days
Yacht Charter Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 (5Cab)Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 (5Cab) - 15.62 m, 11+2 pers
2009 - Monohull, Sailingyacht in Sweden, Gothenburg / City Marina
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 (5Cab) B
2710 EUR

The largest country in the Scandinavian Peninsula, yacht charter Sweden also manages to bring sailing at the rank of national sport. This country has the largest number of registered boats per capita and for many nationals sailing is a favorite pastime, which means that any sailing enthusiast will feel right at home here.

The relief of the country makes the task of yachting a pleasurable one, since it's made up mostly of deep fjords, islands and rocky islets, all carved by thousands of years of glacial erosion. Along these shore you're going to find many authentic fishing villages where time seems to have stopped a long time ago.

Once a great military power, yacht charter Sweden has long since hung up its sword and today is one of the few countries in the world that does not belong to any military alliance. You'll find the people here as very tolerant and open-minded which makes a lot of tourists feel right at home.

Among the most appreciated and sought-after regions of the country are Bohuslan and the Stockholm archipelago. Cities like Marstrand, Nykoping and Goteborg show up regularly as yacht charter destinations for many tourists.

The tolerant attitude of the Swedes used to extend to their waters too where everyone was welcomed, but in later years, with a dramatic increase in the number of vessels sailing here, some tougher rules and regulations have had to be adopted.

While local skipper licenses are pretty hard to come by, Swedish authorities recognize most of the international yachting qualification so for those coming from outside the country, skippering a yacht shouldn't be too difficult. The only thing you have to worry about it that your boat matches your qualification.

For Europeans and western tourists in general getting into Sweden is pretty straightforward and can stay in the country for up to 3 months with just a valid passport. People from other countries might want to check with their local Swedish consulate before making a trip here to get more information about the process.

Since yacht charter Sweden is part of the Schengen agreement, many will find entering the country just a simple formality. Even if other northern countries don't belong to the same Schengen Agreement, entry in Sweden is also made easy by other local agreements which make the use of borders merely a technical one, allowing free passage to tourists.